Specialty Cakes


directions_carDelivery times are normally between  9am-12pm on Saturday mornings. Pickups are available by appointment Monday to Friday between 10am-5pm or Saturdays between 9am-12pm.  When choosing to pick-up make sure appropriate conditions are met so no mishaps occur during transit, this is your responsibility once they leave the premises.

All our cakes require appropriate packaging at suitable temperatures to help maintain their quality and condition during transportation. Our desserts are freshly made to order and not pre made. In the event a customer picks up their own order My Cake Palce shall not be liable in any damage caused.

Items may be damaged during transit if incorrect handling occurs. No refund shall be considered should you choose to pick up. MCP are a fully licensed and registered home based business and fully comply with high food standards and OH&S, we follow strict health codes hence the guaranteed quality of our product and services, if you are not fully satisfied with all our products.

We’ll be happy to answer any questions at [email protected] or please call 0418 340 450 Monday to Friday between 10am till 5pm.